Total Environment Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody Floor Plans

Total Environment Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody Floor Plans of C20 home is designed as a simple “L” in plan, with 4 such homes placed back to back, forming a “plus” shape in a block. This unique layout coupled with the large glass panels, offers clear unobstructed views of the outside, from every room and at the same time opening out onto a landscaped terrace garden placed inside the L. The gardens run in alternate directions on alternate floors, for the required natural light. 3 Bedroom Apartment area ranges between 2753 to 3109 Sq.ft. 

An entrance foyer leads to the living and dining space. The open kitchen and L shaped living dining space provides a sense spaciousness, but is still intimately wrapped around the garden. The children’s bathroom doubles up as a powder room for guests. The kitchen opens out to a useful utility space and a generous service platform beyond the utility space can accommodate equipment such as air-conditioning and heat pumps. These homes are available in our Green, Blue or Purple specifications.